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1:6 Chucky collectible figure

這麼帥的恰吉你看過嗎? 很榮幸參與環球藝廊的合作項目,這是第二款與環球影業官方授權合作的作品,決定響應節日氛圍,趕在華人鬼節還沒結束前上架。


2023/ 9月12日於官網開放預訂 台灣時間:中午12:00 紐約時間:晚上11:00 JTPLUS 會員現在即可於VIP頁面訂購 出貨時間:預計2024第1~2季 *注意,身上的潑漆都是手工的,所以每一個和官圖都會有些許不同,若在意的人請不要購買

Have you ever seen such a cool Chucky before? I'm honored to be part of the collaboration with Universal Art Gallery. This marks my second collaboration with Universal Pictures . To capture the festive spirit, we've aimed to release it just before the conclusion of the Chinese Ghost Festival.

As someone who was frightened the first time I saw Chucky as a child, I decided to bravely attempt to recreate Chucky in my own unique style. By merging Chucky with street art influences, I believe this rendition will give everyone the courage to proudly display it in their homes.

Sep, 12, 2023 at Taiwan Time: 12:00 PM New York Time: 11:00 PM JTPLUS Member available now for order at VIP page Expected shipping: 2024, Q1-Q2. *Please note that the paint splatters on the figure are all handcrafted, so each one will have slight variations from the official images. If this is a concern for you, we recommend reconsidering your purchase.


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