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Rock Gaki - B.Jaws 03

With the introduction of Rock Gaki Series, Capital Company manage to secure a contract with the government to make 03, code name Shark Gaki, Shark is known as the king of the seas, thus 03 have been given a series of modification to accommodate naval/marine mission. 03 main function is to perform various type of navl rescue mission. As the first naval unit, 03 performance are similar to 01. 03 and 01 main differences are the equipments and water proofing. Due to the reason 03 main function being a rescue unit, 03 weapon system have been slightly weaken and added on lighting feature. The new equipment given to 03 are Special Material Jacket and water board.

The jacket uses a special material that have strong durability and high heat and cold resistance, it is made such to prevent wear and tear from environment. The design of the jacket hoodie are based on the shark features, the optical part of the design can be connected to 03 head connector to allow the vision of the said eyes. Also the behind the shark mouth design, there is a sonar system, that allows 03 to perform search and rescue mission under low lighting or cave system.

03 also inherited its predecessor, 01, colour scheme, using blue as the main colour, and to differentiate 01 and 03, 03 uses the camo design.



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