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Flash is a member of the crew Crazy D, he is bestowed upon the mask of Panther.
He also pride himself as the messiah of basketball, as he find his skill to be second to none. At least that’s what he thought before he met King.
Before meeting King, Flash travel around the cities to play basketball with anyone on the street.
Despite being a prideful man, he still enjoy playing around with people that is not up to his skill, while teaching them the tips and trick to the game.
Meeting King is the day that change his life, after beating King with ease, King came back better and stronger in the next match.
Flash loses the game, but he did not falter. Flash up his game and fought back, winning the next game they play.
With a weird back and forth of winning and losing, the two form a tight bond as they find each to be their Rival and motivation to be better.
Two alphas that is the top of their own field will not stopped till one is completely fallen. The fight of Speed and Strength will never end.



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