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BULL the man that was entrusted the mask of BULL, was a man that is unrivalled by anyone,
Despite being known as the old man of skateboarding world. He never faltered any challenge from the young blood that wanted to step over him to gain fame.
BULL skill was so known by people, it gains the attention of Kong, and thus two legend collide, the skater deemed their duel as epic.
Their duel as the ultimate battle of Tricks. BULL and KONG were so evenly matched, they no longer care who won the battle
They were enjoying the ride, but eventually BULL surrendered the match and claim Kong to be the victor
As he knew his stamina is no match to the young Kong. Kong did not accept the result and demand a rematch.
But little did he know that was the last match he ever had with BULL.

As years pass, the once skilled skater, BULL, broke his leg in an accident and was forced to let go his dream.
Now Bull make a living as a tattoo artist with his loving family but never once have his family seen him smile...



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