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The world are dominated by three realms - Heaven, Mortal, Hell, with the three realms performing their duty, it forms the basis of day and night. Among them, [Hell] is the realm that makes humans tremble in fear, the sins they did in their life are being accounted for here….

In hell, the soul's sins and desire are refined into Soul Energy , other than being the currency of demons, it can be consumed by them to strengthen their power. The demon that became victor of Hell's annual event Hell Racing, are granted a part of the years' worth of Soul Energy.

The Bastard Son of Satan - Zaiki, plan to change [Hell Racing] rules to his own liking, and make it into unrestricted Brawl [Gaki Race]. But, will the elite demons allow Zaiki to destroy the tradition of Hell Racing?



 Zaiki, the son of Satan and inherited the enormous power from his father, had never been to the outside world. Although possesses the formidable ability, his interests are stealing Soul Energy and causing chaos.

After stealing plenty of novelties from Mortal, Zaiki, who just returned to Hell, remodeled the grabbed motorcycle into GOIMP immediately. Next, he plans to change the tradition of Hell Racing, and make it into unrestricted brawl Gaki Race.


GAKI RACE #0 Zaiki

  • Credit card & Atm