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  • The rise of social media brings ever-changing excitement and freshness, but the information explosion that follows is accidentally swallowed, submerged, and disoriented...

    NOIS is taken from the sound and meaning of "Noise. Beneath the seemingly calm surface, it has endured countless voices of doubt and criticism

    As in this diverse and noisy in this world. now can we creserve ourselves and persist in pursuing your dreams and original intentions? Get rid of the noise, listen to your heart, and find a stronger, purer self.

    Theme & Format:he theme of the competition is "NOIS OFF". The design ideas should be based on the element of "NOIS" or "Keep your own way in the NOIS" as your creative direction. And attach a simple creative idea to participate in the activity.(Limit one submission per person)

    Even everyone has a different approach to noise and relaxation

    Just makes your NOIS OFF!


    NOIS OFF! Ceramic Glow / Matte Elegance

    • Credit card & Atm

    • ● Size H31xW20xL8 cm