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  • "Like a zombie!"
    The character zombies we are accustomed to are brutal and disgusting.
    but the zombie I felt was still standing up, Walking and walking toward any one goal... I felt very impressed as zombie didn't give up.
    I just like the character itself called zombie,

    but I started to make this art toy from the thinking that I wanted to resemble another aspect of the aforementioned zombie.
    I wish you live a life like a invincible zombie! -a.k.a KURO-

    --------------- the first character VETERAN.J is a Former Mafia and a current Soldier.
    He died of an explosion during his mission, but He was back to life by the drug

    injected before his mission. His mission isn't over yet.



    • ∙ Price : US$140
      ∙ High : 23CM , 1/6 scale
      ∙ Limited to 300 pieces Worldwide