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  • 8”2GO SUN – GHOST ver.


    Every cloud has a sliver lining.

    The Ghost hide in our mind


    White Ghost – 99 Limit

    Black Ghost – 99 Limit

    Size : 8inch, around 24cm

    Prize: $199 + International shipping cost

    Delivery : in stock and will start shipping on July.


    For JTPLUS VIP :

    Available in 24H on 2022/7/12 at JEITSENG.COM

    PM12:00 Taiwan time

    AM0:00 NewYork time


    For general customer :

    Available on 2022/7/13 at JEITSENG.COM

    PM12:00 Taiwan time

    AM0:00 NewYork time


    Reminds if sold out in VIP time, will unopen for general customer.

    8”2GO SUN – 幽靈限定版.每件事都有一體兩面,幽靈藏在我們腦海深處

    白色幽靈限定 – 99體

    黑色幽靈限定 – 99 體


    價格:$199 美元,新網站將自動換算當日匯率 (不含進口稅)

    8”2GO Sun Ghost ver已經是現貨,將於7/20開始發貨



    1. 若在VIP會員販售時間內售完,將不開放給一般客戶購買

    2. 因收款額度有上限,若無法刷卡請選擇匯款



    開始販售於2022/07/12中午12:00 台灣時間在新官網JEITSNEG.COM的JTPLUS會員頁面 




    開始販售於2022/7/13 中午12:00 台灣時間於新官網JEITSENG.COM

    8"2GO Sun - Ghost ver.

    • Credit card & Atm

    • ● Black Ghost Limited edition to 99 sets

      ● White Ghost Limited edition of 99 sets

      ● Size : 24CM

      ● Devilvery : July. 2022