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GAKI RACE | Episode 2 | MONKEY


惡魔賽車第二集 - Monkey 將於7/7晚九點於YOUTUBE首播,別錯過首映!

記得在一月時與jordan 討論MONKEY的各種細節後,現在終於可以揭露了!

停格動畫鬼才Jordan 又再一次地展現了他的才華,在一分鐘的時間內展現各種畫面跟分鏡真的太不可思議了,拍出我理想中設定的 MONKEY個性與特色!我的夢想就是把GAKIRACE這個世界觀變成一部影視劇,感覺這個夢想不遙遠了!

混沌之神 - Saru 創造了分身 MONKEY 並派遣到獄界作為眼線,以觀察和監控獄界的動向。然而,穿過『天干門』後的他則遺失了一切記憶,只知道自己擁有驚人的震波能力。 在他的探索中,他得知了一個關於獄界的比賽『HELL RACING』。這場比賽聚集了獄界最強大的惡魔們,是一個展現力量和技巧的場所。 MONKEY決定參加這場比賽,希望在其中尋找到自己的身份和目的。

The GAKI RACE second episode - MONKEY will premiere on YOUTUBE at 9pm on July 7t.

After discussing various details of MONKEY with Jordan Tseng in January, we can finally reveal it now!

Stop-motion animation genius Jordan Tseng has once again showcased his talent. It’s truly incredible how he can present so many visuals and storyboards within just one minute. He perfectly captured the personality and characteristics of MONKEY as I envisioned!"

The God of Chaos - Saru created the clone MONKEY and dispatched him to the HELL as a spy to observe and monitor its activities. However, upon passing through the 'Heavenly Stem Gate,' he lost all memories, only aware of his astonishing shockwave abilities.

During his exploration, he learned about a competition in the underworld called 'HELL RACING.' This race gathers the strongest demons from the underworld, serving as a showcase for power and skill.MONKEY decides to participate in this race, hoping to uncover his identity and purpose within it.

GAKI RACE series Created by Jei Tseng / JTSTUDIO

Stop motion and Director by ‪‪Jordan Tseng


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