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  • Jäger是一位被囚禁在地獄中的王子。他的家族是反抗撒旦統治的勇敢反抗軍。然而,這場反抗以失敗告終,Jaeger的家族成員們都被撒旦轉化成閻屴,而Jaeger被撒旦囚禁在地獄城堡中已經有數百年的時間。




    Jäger下定決心參加地獄中最殘酷且危險的賽事——Hell Racing(地獄競速),這場比賽讓地獄生物和惡魔駕駛改裝過的車輛在極端惡劣的環境中進行廝殺。他的目標是奪取閻屴的權力,並解救他的家族靈魂,讓他們得到重生與自由。











    Jäger is a prince imprisoned in Hell. His family was a brave resistance army that opposed Satan's rule. However, the resistance ended in failure, and Jäger's family members were transformed into Yan, while Jäger himself has been imprisoned in the Hell Castle for centuries.


    After a long captivity, Jäger finally breaks free and stumbles upon a forgotten XJ13 race car, once a source of pride for his family. Looking at the XJ13, he feels the symbol of freedom and power, deciding to use it to change his destiny. He spends a considerable amount of time and effort remodeling the XJ13 into a GOIMP. He names this car "XJ13-II," hoping it will be his path to redemption and liberation from Hell's bonds.


    Determined, Jäger enters the cruelest and most dangerous race in Hell, the Hell Racing, where Hell's creatures and demons drive modified vehicles, engaging in fierce battles in extreme and hostile environments. His goal is to seize the power of Yan and rescue the souls of his family, granting them rebirth and freedom.


    Limited edition of 399 sets, each with a unique serial number.

    Pre-order period: August 9th to August 16th.

    Standard version price (excludes vehicle): $380 USD.

    Deluxe version pre-order offer: $570 USD.

    * After the pre-order period, the price for the Deluxe version will be adjusted to $620 USD.


    VIP customers who order the Deluxe version within 24 hours will receive a Jade Green Bone Mask. General customers can email to the official mailbox within 24 hours after pre-order for a chance to enter the draw.


    Official mailbox:



    1/6 GAKI RACE - Jäger

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      • Limit Edition : 399

      • Standard & Premium

      • Size : 1/6 Scale /  12inch / 30cm high

      • Delivery : 2024, Q1 - Q2

      • Material : Pvc  Resin, Abs

      • Designed & Created by Jei Tseng