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NOIS OFF ! "Ceramic Glow" and "Matte Elegance." Redefine Your Elegance

NOIS OFF!關閉外界噪音吧!現在,你可以選擇兩種版本:「瓷光」和「啞緻」。重新定義你的世界。豐富你的生活,啟發你的靈感,與NOIS 共同探索無盡的可能性!



NOIS OFF! Shut out the external noise! Now, you have the choice between two versions: "Ceramic Glow" and "Matte Elegance." Redefine your world. Enrich your life, ignite your inspiration, and embark on an endless exploration of possibilities with NOIS!

Unleash your creativity and head over to our official website JEITSENG.COM to get your own NOIS now!

*Special tip: If you're using it for creative purposes, we recommend purchasing the "Matte Elegance" version.


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