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NOIS full of our lives. We bear countless noises under positive masks, and sometimes it makes us lose ourselves. At this moment, only by believing in our initial intentions and directions that we could find ourselves back.

NOIS is an independent series which completed this year. Through the connection between me and my creations, I will use NOIS to convey the things I love, so that the series could be more integrated into life.

Regarding the design of packaging box, it becomes a part of display this time. In addition, more NOIS series works and VIP exclusive products will be launched in the future. Customers who successfully purchase NOIS on the official website between 6th June to 6th July can upgrade to JT PLUS Membership directly

l Available on 6th, June / 0:00am New York Time

l PLUS Limited edition to 249 sets

l MINUS limited edition of 149 sets

l Each item will be individually numbered

l Price: $330 + shipping

l Size H31xW20xL8 cm

l Material :Vinyl / PVC / Resin

Matters needing attention

  • NOIS are already in stock and will start shipping on July.

  • After 6th July, purchasers will have no JT PLUS membership. If it sells out earlier than expectation, the upgrading of membership would be terminated in advance.

  • VIP qualification will be based on the email account used at the time of purchase, Please register for general membership in advance.

  • Limit one purchase per account, both colors are available

2022 JT PLUS members can enjoy the following exclusive benefits

  • You will enjoy the official exclusive purchase of JT PLUS at JEITSENG.COM

(a. Exclusive products purchase right only for JT PLUS MEMBERSHIP

(b. The right of prior purchase (24 hours before the release of all new works).

*Please note that new product will no longer be available if being sold out when membership. channel launched.

  • 2022 VVIP Metal Individual Number Membership Card (membership card will be sent separately)

  • 2022 – NOIS Vinyl Figure

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