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GAKI RACE #13 Jäger info


The Jäger portrays a prince imprisoned in Hell, hailing from a brave resistance army. With exquisite craftsmanship, it showcases his elegant posture and distinctive allure. Every detail has been meticulously designed, including movable joints that allow for various dynamic poses, enabling you to delve deeper into Jäger's story and character charisma.

我們將限量販售399套Jäger可動人偶作品,確保您擁有的不僅僅是一件精緻的藝術品,更是一份珍貴的收藏 ,這次我們提供了標準版以及豪華版,預購時間於8/9 - 8/16,請不要錯過這個難得的機會。

We are offering a limited sale of 399 sets of the Jäger posable doll, ensuring that you possess not only a finely crafted piece of art but also a precious collectible. The pre-order period is from August 9th to August 16th. Don't miss this rare opportunity!

豪華版預購價格優惠: 570美元 / Deluxe Version Pre-order Offer: $570

預購時間截止後,豪華版價格將調整為620美元 / Offer ends after pre-order, price will revert to $620

標準版價格(不含車)為380美元 / Standard Version (excl. vehicle): $380


  • *JTPLUS VIP 現在即可訂購

  • 預購時間為 2023/ 8月9日至8月16日,售完為止

  • 台灣時間:中午12:00

  • 紐約時間:晚上11:00

  • 出貨時間:預計2024第1~2季

  • Delivery : 2024,Q1~Q2

  • Available on 9 - 16 Aug, 2023 at JEITSENG.COM

  • P.M 11:00 New York time

  • P.M12:00 noon Taiwan Time

  • *JTPLUS VIP MEMBER available right now.


The Jäger will take center stage in the Hell Racing, a competition that pits Hell's creatures and demons driving modified vehicles against each other in extreme and harsh environments. Jäger will use his resilient spirit and exceptional performance to seize the power of Yan, rescuing the souls of his family for their rebirth and freedom.


VIP customers who order the deluxe version within 24 hours will also receive a Green Devil mask. Seize the offer and pre-order your desired Jäger now!

翡翠綠骨面具抽選方式: 一般顧客可於官網預購後24小時內寫信至官方信箱進行抽選。


* 主旨:抽選綠谷面具


How to get Green devil mask : For regular customers, please send an email to the official mailbox within 24 hours after pre-ordering for a chance to enter the draw. Kindly send your pre-order and contact information to the official mailbox:

*: Subject: Green devil mask

content : Provide your order number or Screenshoot


Thank you for your support of the Jäger posable doll. We believe it will provide you with an extraordinary collectible experience. If you have any inquiries or requirements, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to sharing this special collecting journey with you!

Sincerely, Jt Studio


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